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Oprah Handpicks Eulogia Organic Greek Fir Honey As One Of Her Favorite Things This Holiday Season.

101 was good training for her role as producer of A Tribute Live! On-stage sign- language interpreter Shirley Childress, obat diabetes ampuh who learned sign language from her deaf parents, is a founding member of the Black Deaf Advocates organization. She has interpreted for SWEET HONEY since 1981 and for such stellar authors as Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, and Audrey Lorde. For more information, visit SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK at www.sweethoney.com .

"We are very honored and proud to have our honey selected by Oprah as one of her Favorite Things this year and we look forward to sharing our products with a whole new audience," said Georgia Masouras, Co-founder and CFO of The Poseidon Group. "We're very excited to be part of Oprah's Favorite Things. As a small business startup it helps validate the quality of our products and our overall mission while increasing exposure for the exceptional products Greece produces," Niko Nikolaou, Co-founder and CEO of The Poseidon Group. About: Greek Classics, Re-imagined. The Poseidon Group Produces, Imports & Markets Premium Greek Products. Our mission is to create and curate premium all-natural and organic Greek products with a focus on brand development and value repositioning for North American markets. Media: The labor union representing more than 30,000 workers at Boeing Co.

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